Sunday, 15 April 2012

I believe the children are our future

For this week's tarea (homework) I had to find a news article, which interested me, so I could comment on it in class - opinions such as 'es bueno que . .' (it's good that . .) or 'es triste que . . ' (it's sad that . ) or 'me da risa que . . ' (it makes me laugh that . . ) generate the subjunctive, which we are still working on (so 'es una pena que aun trabajemos con el subjuntivo' - note: NOT 'trabajamos' - is a typical example)

Anyhow, I came across a news item which has appeared in several Mexican periodicals, about an Internet video called 'Niños incomodos' which is causing quite a stir in the country, and warranted a mention in the Spanish press too.

The video shows a possible future, in which corruption, crimes such as kidnapping, robbery, illegal immigration, and environmental conditions, have all worsened but, what is causing the furore, is that all the actors are children, playing , as one goverment official complains 'los papeles de ladrones, de policías corruptos, de lanzafuegos, de limosneros, de sobornadores, de funcionarios corruptos, de secuestradores y secuestrados; de manifestantes y policías represores; de traficantes de indocumentados.'

Whew! well that's 'the roles of robbers, corrupt policemen, firebreathers, beggars, bribers, corrupt officials, kidnappers and their victims, protestors and repressive police, traffickers and illegal immigrants'

Anyhow, representatives from all political parties are complaining that acting in the video is a breach of the children's human rights, and want it banned.

Irrespective of your political stance (and no, this is not the place for me to voice mine) it's an interesting video, and can be found at

But, if you really want to practice your Spanish listening, and prepare to be amazed by the clarity of the speaking voices of these Mexican youngsters, actors in the video, go to
and hear what they have to say about their roles, and their hopes for the future of their country.